Get account statements the fast, easy and electronic way. Receive statements quicker and leave behind the hassle of storing paper or worrying about fraud. With e-statements you have access to your information 24/7, no waiting for the mail and your files are more secure than traditional paper statements.

Follow these steps to sign up and activate e-statements:

  1. Login to your Flightline account
  1. Click on the e-statement link and then click “I prefer e-statements”
  1. Visit your email inbox and follow the provided link to activate

Its easy, convenient and FREE!

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Receive a notification via email or text message, when you receive a deposit, drop below a certain balance or each time you make a debit or credit card purchase. These are also useful in the event of fraud or to detect suspicious activity on your account.

Follow these steps to activate your e-alerts:

  1. Log on to Flightline
  1. Select the e-click icon and follow the prompts to request an authorization code
  1. Within seconds, you’ll receive an email. Follow the prompts to get started

Pay bills online through Flightline. When you subscribe to e-statements, it’s free. If you are not an e-statement subscriber, a nominal fee applies for this convenient service that also works from your smart phone or tablet.

Register for bill pay in 8 easy steps:

  1. Login to Flightline
  1. Click on Pay Bills
  1. Select default account
  1. Click on Activate Bill Pay
  1. Select Add a Payee and enter required information
  1. Choose payment method
  1. Enter payment information
  1. Confirm payee information