Flightline Upgrade FAQs

Want to know more about the new Flightline? Below is a list of frequently asked questions. We thank you for your patience as we learn the new system. A video demonstration of the new system is also available here.

Quicken Conversion Instructions
Below are links for setting up the new Flightline with Quicken.

Windows Conversion
Quicken for Windows 2011–2014 Web Connect
Quicken for Windows 2011-2014 Direct Connect

Mac Conversion
Quicken for Mac 2006-2007 Web Connect
Quicken for Mac 2006-2007 Direct Connect
Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010 Web Connect
Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010 Direct Connect

If you’ve converted to the new Flightline and are encountering issues, please visit Quicken Support.

How do I enroll in the new Flightline if I’m not a current Flightline user?
Click “enroll” on the home page at faaecu.org and follow the prompts.

What has changed?
The look of the site and its functionality are designed to be more user friendly. You’ll notice a number of visual icons that help you find your options easier, and the new site allows you to customize the way you see your information through the use of widgets.

Can I still use the old Flightline?
Once you register with the new version, your account information will no longer be available on the old version. The previous Flightline site will be discontinued for all users on July 15, 2014.

Will the SMS feature still work?
No. The two-way SMS feature is going away with the old Flightline. Once you enroll for the new system, you will no longer be able to text for your balance. You can sign up for ealerts that will notify you via text anytime you have selected activity on your account.

Which of my accounts can I access using the new Flightline?
You can access all of your deposit and loan accounts through Flightline.

Which self-service functions are available with the new Flightline?
You can view statements and sign up for e-statements, view and print check images, view tax information, stop payment on a check, reorder checks, update your address and contact information and create automated e-alerts to notify you of account activity.

I forgot my user name or password, what should I do?
Simply click on the “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” links located on the account login box and follow the steps to retrieve your username or password.

Can I view my True Sky CU statements online?
Yes. Your statements will continue to appear on Flightline. Click on the “All Services” tab and use the arrows to scroll to the “E-statements” icon.

What accounts can I transfer to and from in the new Flightline?
You can transfer funds to and from any share savings and checking accounts, as well as credit cards and quick loans. You can also transfer funds to other types of loans. CDs and IRAs are excluded.

Where do I go to change my password/challenge question?
Click on the “Settings” tab then click on “My Account Profile.” Click on the “Security” tab. There you can change your password, challenge questions, site marker, one time password, message delivery options and register your computer.

Where do I go to change my personal information in Flightline?
Click on the “Settings” tab then click on “My Account Profile” and select the items you need to change.

How do I view my check images in the new Flightline?
While in your Checking Account Summary, click on the “+” symbol to the left of the transaction and click on “View Check Image.”

How do I add, remove or change widgets in the new Flightline?
Click on “Settings,” then “My Widgets.”

How do I request a Stop Payment on a check within Flightline?
Click on the “All Services” tab and use the arrows to scroll to the “Stop Payment” icon. Enter in the information requested and click “Stop Payment” to process your request. A fee may apply.

Can I still access my accounts using Tara the Telephone Teller?
Yes, there are no changes to the Tara the Telephone Teller system.

Are there any changes to Online Bill Pay?
There are no changes to the Online Bill Pay system. To find this section, go to the “All Services” tab and select the “Bill Pay icon.”

If I want to include a narration on my transfer, how do I add that?
Go to the “All Services” tab, click on the “Transfer” icon and make public or private notes for the description.

If I am a mobile app or mobile site user, will I need to register with the new Flightline?
Yes. The mobile site will be upgraded however you will need to use a computer to enroll. You will not be able to enroll using your phone or tablet unless you go to the full site. The old site will not be available after July 15, 2014.

Can I edit recurring transfers (periodic payments) that were set up in the branch on the new Flightline?
No, recurring transfers (periodic payments) that were set up in person cannot be edited on the new Flightline. However, any recurring transfers that were created on Flightline may be edited.

What if I forgot my old Flightline password when using Rapid Registration for the new Flightline?
You can use the “Enroll” button to register instead of using Rapid Registration. This way, you will need to verify additional information on your account. If you have any questions, please contact Member Care.

I cannot seem to register for the new Flightline using either Rapid Registration or the “Enroll” button.
Please call Member Care and we can send a registration link.

Do I need an email address to use the new Flightline?
Yes, an email address is a requirement of using the new Flightline.

*How do I access the app or mobile site with the new Flightline? *
Go to “Settings,” “My Account Profile,” and then “Settings.” Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and expand the “Channels” menu. Click the Mobile checkbox.

I can’t seem to access my account through Quicken or Mint. What do I need to do?
The new Flightline will not be live with Quicken until Monday, June 16th, 2014. All the account history will still be there, but transactions will not be available for download until that date. Since we are upgrading, there will also be directions available soon for the conversion process. This is common with institutions that undergo an upgrade.

Accounts will not be accessible through Mint until July 15th, 2014 because there are two URLs through which members can still access their accounts. According to Mint, there can only be one live URL available.